06th Feb2013

Recycled Pringles Can Gift Kits

by Dinah Wulf
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I have seen a few Pringles can cookie tins on Pinterest.  They are cleverly wrapped and hold the perfect sized cookie.  I’ve seen them wrapped with Christmas paper complete with a bow and I’ve seen them wrapped like a Mummy for Halloween.   These lovely ideas inspired me to create these Recycled Pringles Can Gift Kits with a “pull me” tag and ribbon.  The long vertical shape is perfect for this.

Pringles Can Gift Kits

Here are the cans I used.

Pringles Can Pull Me Gift Kits (1)

I made these nail kits for a teenage girl is four easy steps.

STEP 1: Choose your gift.

Pringles Can Pull Me Gift Kits (2)

STEP 2: Make a “pull me” tag.

Pringles Can Pull Me Gift Kits (3)

STEP 3: Tie all your gifts together with ribbon.

Pringles Can Pull Me Gift Kits (4)

STEP 4: Insert them into your decorated Pringles can.

Pringles Can Pull Me Gift Kits (6)

Other Gift Kit Ideas:

  • Sushi Theme- chopsticks, sushi mat, soy sauce dish, packet of soy sauce, instructions on how to make sushi
  • Movie Theme- different types of candy and movie tickets
  • Spa Time Theme – loafa, travel sized soaps, bubble bath, bath wash, foot scrub, sponge
  • Tool Kit – screw drivers, nails, other tools
  • Sewing Kit – needles, thread, scissors, buttons
  • Makeup Kit – brushes and makeup
  • Creative Kit for Kids – crayons, markers, paints, brushes, stickers
  • Travel Theme – travel sized toiletries, tooth brushes
  • Puzzles – puzzle pieces and a photo of the completed puzzle
  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Kit- small liquor bottles, shot glass, cards, vail, sash, temporary tattoos, fun straws, games, etc.
  • Fourth of July- fill it with sparklers, snaps, matches
  • General- fill it with holiday themed candy and decorate accordingly

Here are some more fun trash to treasure ideas and tutorials!

What else can you do with a Pringles Can???


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10 Responses to “Recycled Pringles Can Gift Kits”

  • This is ADORABLE! I found your blog thru the Elevate link up since I will be there in May too I wanted to check out some of the lovely ladies that will be there too and I am so happy I found your blog! You have such great Ideas! Have a great Wednesday!

  • Gene Michael Barrera

    Well done Sis!!! GREAT idea for this shape of container.

  • Jaime

    Cool idea!! I’m totally doing this one!!!

  • Debbye

    Wow! What a cute idea! I just had to click and check this out, as it happens, I bought a can of Pringles for my daughter for the first time yesterday! Now the “junk food guilt” can subside, as I have something awesome to make from the soon to be empty can! I love the “pull me” tag!
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    • Thank you, Debbye! I’m almost at “hoarder status” with my empty food container addiction! 😉

      • Yes, me too! If only I had the room to store them all in my tiny kitchen or overflowing laundry room! I love what you did with the recycled food storage gift boxes too! Lovely!

  • This is such a fantastic idea. I think I will be using this idea for giving a stack of cookies for Christmas. Great post!

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