17th Nov2011

Scrabble Art

by Dinah Wulf

I’ve seen a lot of Scrabble craft projects like ornaments, key chains, and jewelry on Pintrest and Etsy, which gave me inspiration to do this project.  We had an extra old Scrabble game sitting all alone in our closet ever since we got… wait for it… the Scrabble Diamond Addition! Yes, I am quite the Scrabble geek.

I made this Scrabble tile art piece for our guest room.  I used an 8X10 frame and was able to fit the words, welcome, sleep, trip, dreamers, travel, guests, and getaway from the tiles of one Scrabble game. Make sure you lay out your words to ensure proper fit into the frame.

I used hot glue to affix the letters on decorative scrapbook paper to match the colors of the guest room. I inserted it into an inexpensive wooden frame from IKEA that I painted. Voila!

This would make a great DIY gift as well!  Consider making one with themed words for other rooms in the house like a kitchen, bathroom, playroom, or game room.


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