30 DIY Gift Ideas

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  1. Jolene says:

    Dinah, The idea with the reindeer poop with the bag of choc covered raisins–my Aunt Grace sent me one that was minature marshmellows in a snack ziplock bag with a decorative tag on it that read “You’ve been bad so here’s the scoop, all you get is snowman poop!” Same saying could be used for the reindeer. Subing reindeer for snowman of course. I still have it-really cute

    1. dwulf says:

      That is hilarious! What a great idea! I love it! I saw another idea in a ziplock bag with a tag on it with a picture of a gingerbread man. Inside were rolled up dollar bills. It said, “Chrstmas dough” on it. There was also another one with 8 whoppers, and one red one that said “raindeer noses”.

  2. Dahlia Day says:

    Love these great diy ideas! So practical for weddings, too.

    1. dwulf says:

      Thank you! Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

  3. Crafty Mommy says:

    Using the same idea as the candy cane candlestick holder, you can glue two together to make a place card setting holder!

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