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Kids Soap Making Projects: Soapsicles

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  1. These would make adorable summer party favors! Great project, too. 🙂

  2. lisa kingan says:

    Hi, where do you find the coloring fo soaps and can lye and glyceren soaps be found at WalMart or specialty stores


  3. Oh wow, what a great idea. Looks good enough to eat too!

  4. Bresourcefulhands says:

    How were you able to seperate the colors?

  5. Bresourcefulhands says:

    Also were did you find the molds? Wonderful idea, they look great!

  6. Tony Savage says:

    That is the coolest soap idea I have ever seen. Great gift giving! I have no doubt little ones would love to help make these!

  7. Anne says:

    Oh my gosh! i am so in love with this. and what a fun way to encourage little ones to wash ! i ordered my supplies from bulkapothecary.com/categories/soap-making-supplies.html and as soon as they arrive i am making me some soapicles!!! adorable

  8. Laura McMillan says:

    Need more specific directions please. “Find a way to make it stand up”? Also-how in the world do you separate the colors like that? This is an amazing idea but please give us more direction.

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