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Repurposed Pallet Porch Bench

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  1. Boris Davenport says:

    Hi, T
    This is truly motivating. I had seen numerous establishments from reused materials, yet this is a magnificent one. I was searching on internet to recycle our old furniture and had seen many methods. The way you embraced is truly commendable one..This bench is having a very good finish and nice look. Thanks for sharing such interesting things to us. I was searching for good ideas about how to repurpose old furniture after reading the article.
    You showed us a nice way how to do this cool work. Anyway, on these retirement days we guys have to try these kinds of interesting things. Hope I can make it like you did

    1. t berokoff says:

      Thank you for writing and the kind words! Think outside the box when looking at repurposing the furniture. For instance, an old dresser, with the drawers removed can become a useful seat. The drawers, with a divider added, can become a book shelf, individual or together a nice wall unit. Have fun, and let me know how you do!


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